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Všetko, čo vám uľahčí a spríjemní samoštúdium doma. Nezabudnite však, že len čítať nestačí. Aby ste jazyk vedeli aktívne, je potrebné veľa rozprávať.

Aicha lyrics – text a preklad piesne

AICHASo sweet, so beautifulEveryday like a queen on her throneDon't nobody knows how she feelsAicha, lady one day it will be real(let's do it)She moves, she moves like a breezeI swear I can't get her out of my dreamsTo have her shining right here by my side(shining...

Smile lyrics – text a preklad piesne

SMILEWhen you first left meI was wanting moreBut you were fucking that girl next doorwhat´d do that forWhen you first left meI didn't know what to sayI never been on my own that wayjust sat by myself all dayI was so lost back thenBut with a little help from my...

Mine lyrics – text a preklad piesne

MINE2x Oh oh ooo oYou were in collegeworking part time waiting tablesLeft to small town never looked backI was the flight risk with the fear of fallingWondering why we botherwith love if it never lastsI say "Can you believe it?"As we’re lying on the couchThe moment I...

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