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My Way lyrics – text a preklad piesne

MY WAYAnd now, the end is nearAnd so I face the final curtainMy friend, I'll say it clearI'll state my case, of which I'm certainI've lived a life that's fullI've traveled each and every highwayAnd more, much more than thisI did it my wayRegrets, I've had a fewBut...

Angel lyrics – text a preklad piesne

ANGELGirl, you're my angel,you're my darling angelCloser than my peeps you are to me, babyShorty, you're my angel,you're my darling angelGirl, you're my friendwhen I'm in need, ladyLife is one big partywhen you're still youngBut who's gonna have your backwhen it's all...

Sandy lyrics – text a preklad piesne

SANDY Stranded at the drive in, branded a fool What will they say, Monday at school? Sandy, can't you see? I'm in misery We made a start, now we're apart There's nothin' left for me Love has flown all alone I sit and wonder why-yi-yi-oh why you left me, oh Sandy Oh...

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